Mayku Teach

Mayku Teach is an online web portal of lesson plans and resources offering teachers a complete solution to teaching STEM subjects by using the FormBox desktop vacuum former in the classroom, built specifically for primary school [ages 7-11] teachers in the UK.

The lessons aim to enhance STEM teaching by providing a set of projects for the students to follow, which act as a way to make difficult concepts easier to understand and more engaging. Each lesson is built around the British National Curriculum.

The Mayku product team worked very closely with teachers, designing the whole product in around two months using agile sprints with iterative user testing sessions. The bundle includes lesson plans, student and teacher resources, instructional videos, bespoke product modifications and tailored support.

I personally designed all of the projects and matched them to national curriculum topics; wrote the first draft of all lesson plans; art directed, produced, filmed and edited all of the instructional videos; and designed physical product aspects of the bundle.

You can read more about the product on the Mayku Teach Website.
Launched in 2019.