Mayku FormReady Indicator

In early 2019 Mayku were developing the successor to the FormBox desktop vacuum former, which had been launched two years earlier. Version two was to be targeted at a hobbyist market with a lower price point, and as such needed to be even easier to operate than the current machine.

The FormBox relied on a variable timer system that the user adjusted to keep track of when the sheet they had inserted was melted enough to form. The process always had a degree ambiguity, with atmospheric temperature and the cycle of the heater negatively impacting the efficacy of the timer.

I led the development of a new “FormReady Indicator” label which features a thermochromic wax-melt dot that changes colour at the exact moment the sheet is ready to be formed. This process greatly improved the ability for a novice to achieve high quality results with the machine, and secured a novel competitive advantage for the brand in the market.