I The Machine

The recent increases of higher education costs in the UK [2016-present] are causing students to behave like customers. A market and performance driven culture has resulted in the conflation of education and business practice, altering the behaviour of both the student and the institution.

In this project, machine and algorithmic automation is used as a lens with which to investigate those effects in design education, by prototyping an “ultra-efficient” model of student participation.

This body of research offers a set of tools with which a student may use to automate their own assessment submission. This suggests that design projects can essentially be “performed” to fulfil marking criteria.

The project which was produced by these tools is entitled
Things Theatre Power”. The nine month third-year Studio Practice course at Goldsmiths BA Design was compressed into four weeks of work. When blind marked in a preliminary viva voce, it was awarded a 2:2.

A contextual report entitled Surgeons & Magicians further explores these themes in depth and explains the research methodology in detail.

The project was presented as a physical installation at the Goldsmiths BA Design "Known Unknowns" degree show, 2016. The project was then later published in Learn x Design 2017, organised by the Design Research Society and hosted by Ravensbourne University.